Sundhy(Chengdu) Solar Power Co., Ltd. was established in February 2011 with a paid-in registered capital of 200 million yuan. Since its establishment, the company has always focused on solar power generation and comprehensive utilization of solar thermal technology innovation. The only production line for flexible concentrating thermal power generation mirrors in Asia that can produce a full range of trough-type products, and the only production line in China that can mass-produce large-opening trough-type mirrors. The company’s business covers the manufacture of main equipment for solar thermal power generation, the integration and commissioning of solar power plants, and the R&D and innovation of concentrating technology routes; The comprehensive energy application with salt heat storage as the core aims to provide high-quality green and clean energy for all mankind through advanced and efficient green and clean technology.

Up to now, Sundhy Solar has realized the industrial layout of the solar thermal full technology route, and has simultaneously obtained international product certification and national power station construction qualifications; it is the first enterprise in China with the supply and installation performance of 100-megawatt solar thermal power mirrors. It is also the first enterprise to realize the intelligent manufacturing of optical high-precision mirrors for overseas sales.

In the field of technology research and development, the company participates in the preparation of national and industry standards,  and has more than 20 core patented technologies; it has international product certification and national-level power station construction qualifications.

In the future, Sundhy will continue to devote itself to the research and industrial development of the core technology of solar power generation, promote the localization of core equipment manufacturing in an orderly manner, and contribute to the realization of the national dual-carbon strategic goal and the construction of a beautiful zero-carbon world!

Company History

  • Establishment


    Sundhy(Chengdu)Solar Power Co., Ltd was established.

  • Production Line

    Production Line

    Asia’s first flexible solar mirror production line completed

  • Exhibition


    As a leader in China’s CSP industry, Sundhy was invited to participate in the world’s most influential solar energy exhibition – MENASOL 2014 Dubai Exhibition.

  • Certification


    Sundhy products have obtained the mirror CE certificate issued by “Dedal-Attestation and Certification” Ltd,

    Sundhy obtained the certificate of scientific and technological achievements in the key technology research of high-precision solar mirror manufacturing.

  • STE Utilization

    STE Utilization

    Sundhy developed and designed RC1, RC4 and other heat utilization mirrors and put them into the medium and low temperature heat utilization market.

  • 理事单位

    Industry Governing Enterprise

    Sundhy became the director unit of the National Solar Thermal Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance

  • Biggest CSP trough mirror contract in China

    Biggest CSP trough mirror contract in China

    Completed the signing of the contract for the supply and installation of mirrors for the largest trough CSP station in China

  • China’s Largest CSP Trough Project Supply

    China’s Largest CSP Trough Project Supply

    Completed the supply of mirrors for 100MW trough power station in Urat, Inner Mongolia

  • Large Aperture Product Development

    Large Aperture Product Development

    Completed the first R&D and production of RP5A large apreture mirror

  • Towards The Future

    Towards The Future

    Bright future of Sundhy ahead.