Business Scope

The world’s leading manufacturer of CSP mirrors, focusing on solar photovoltaic/photothermal power station system integration and clean, low-carbon comprehensive energy services.

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Sundhy Product Series

CSP(Concentrated Solar Power), STE(Solar Thermal Energy) and PV Products

CSP System

The world’s leading manufacturer of CSP mirrors and collectors.

Sundhy has professional technical research and development team,  and mastered more than a dozen key technologies in the fields of mirror field optical analysis, mirror field thermal and electrical control technology, collector bracket production and assembly; it is the first company in China to have a 100-megawatt solar thermal power station. Mirror supply and installation performance business.

STE Applications

Focus on solar PV/CSP power plant integration and clean and low-carbon comprehensive energy services.

The solar heating projects spreads over Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Gansu and other regions across the country; take the lead in realizing the cross-border integration application of solar industrial steam and heat utilization in agriculture, industrial and mining enterprises, etc.


Sundhy Solar’s business involves project development, system integration and technical services

Power Station Solutions

Helping the power industry to fully realize zero emission

Industry Solutions

Full-scenario application of solar thermal + residential heating, agricultural chemical industry and other industrial steam heat utilization

Professional technical services

Relying on scientific research institutions to conduct core technology research and new product development in the field of solar energy

Sundhy is the first solar thermal project solution company in China, with more than 10 years of industry experience