CSP Project Cases

乌拉特中旗项目1CNNC Royal Tech Urat – 100MW Trough

CNNC Royal Tech Urat – 100MW Trough CSP Plant Project

CNNC Longteng Urat Zhongqi 100MW trough CSP plant is the trough CSP project with the largest single unit and the longest heat storage time among the first batch of CSP demonstration projects in the country. The project is located in Xinhure Sumuxire Gacha, Urad Middle Banner, Bayannaoer City, Inner Mongolia, with a total installed capacity of 100MW and a total investment of about 3.4 billion yuan. The project adopts the design scheme of heat-conducting oil tank type concentrating heat collection + molten salt heat storage, supporting the construction of related infrastructure and power transmission projects. Chengdu Chande is responsible for 60% of the project’s solar island equipment installation services and CSP reflector product supply. According to the test of the owner by an authoritative third-party testing agency, the optical interception rate of the collectors of this project exceeds the international level (97%).


Yanqing 863 trough heat collection test platform construction project

his project is part of the “Twelfth Five-Year” 863 theme project “Research and Demonstration of Solar Trough Thermal Power Generation Technology”. The project aims to develop the manufacturing technology and key equipment of solar trough concentrators for mass production. Break the foreign monopoly on the key components of solar trough thermal power generation, establish a MW-level solar trough thermal power generation experimental platform, propose an integrated design method for solar trough thermal collector and its complementary power generation with conventional coal-fired power generation, and carry out system tests and demonstrations. The development of solar trough thermal power plants provides a complete solution. Chengdu Chande provided all the trough mirrors and part of the collector installation engineering services for the project. The project started oil operation in May 2017, and was officially accepted by experts organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology on June 1, 2017. It is the first MWe-level trough power generation project built in China.

Northwest Institute Golmud trough solar test project

The project is located in a photovoltaic industrial park about 27km east of Golmud City. It adopts trough heat-conducting oil solar thermal power generation technology. The collector opening size of this project is currently the largest at home and abroad. The project aims to study large opening trough collectors technology to accumulate experience for large opening trough solar thermal power stations. Chengdu Chande provided all the trough reflectors for the project and participated in the installation of the trough collectors.

STE Heat Utilization Cases


Shanxi Xinzhou Trough Solar Thermal Heating Project

Shanxi Xinzhou trough solar thermal heating project is a rural centralized solar heating project. The project covers Yantou Village, Fanzhi County, Xinzhou City, Shahe Town, Fanzhi County, Douquan Township, Dai County, Jinshanpu, Guangling County, etc. In townships, the total heat collection area exceeds 20,000 square meters, and the indoor temperature of each household can reach 18-20°C in a single heating season. The project’s more than 20,000 square meters of mirrors are provided by Chengdu Chande.

Trough solar thermal heating project in Shannan Military District, Tibet

The Xiaoxiang Frontier Defense Company of a border defense regiment in the Shannan Army Division of Tibet is stationed at an altitude of more than 4,200 meters. The winter winds and snows are raging, and the minimum temperature reaches minus 20 degrees Celsius. The issue of bathing and heating of the officers and soldiers of the border defense company has always been the focus of attention. At the end of 2020, the trough solar heating system was successfully installed in the Xiaoxiang Frontier Defense Company, and the officers and soldiers enjoyed “full-time warmth” at the snowy border. The system is equipped with 3 rows of huge solar mirrors supplied by Chengdu Chande. Through the trough parabolic focus heat collection, the heating oil and the water in the water storage tank exchange energy to provide heating and bathing services.

Belgian trough solar thermal industrial steam project

The trough solar thermal industrial steam project is located in Belgium. The first phase of the project has a heat collection area of 2240m2. After completion, it is expected to collect 880MWh of heat annually and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 182 tons. Chengdu Zende supplies all trough mirrors.

Other Pilot Projects of CSP & STE